Tour Package 1:


Tour Package 3 days / 2 nights


Day 1


ETA Dipolog City Airport


Check in hotel


Lunch at designated restaurant


Spend the afternoon swimming at the beach. Experience how to culture oysters, green mussels, shrimps and enjoy the learning experience of curacha, lobster and crab fattening.


Dinner at hotel with entertainment.



Day 2



Early breakfast at hotel


Depart for Aliguay Island, a tropical island paradise of kilometer-long stretch of white sand beach, deep blue seawater & shades from lofty coconut trees. Ideal for snorkeling, scuba/skin diving, sun bathing, sunrise viewing etc. A gem of an isle around 45 minutes – 1 hour away by motorized banca from Dipolog City.




Nightlife, sing-along, disco, ballroom dancing and live band at a designated restaurant or other bars in Dipolog of your choice or take a 20-minute trip to Dapitan City for ballroom dancing.



Day 3



Breakfast at hotel


Shopping tour of Dipolog (Spanish sardines, tinagaktak, homemade corned beef, nito handicraft and other pasalubong items)


Check in at airport


Depart for Manila


- End of Tour -


RATE: PhP 2,500.00/pax (Minimum of 4, Maximum of 10)

(Inclusive of transportation to and from tour sites, lunch at a restaurant and Dakak, Dakak entrance fee with welcome snacks and tour guide)


Optional Tours:

·    Island Tour @ Selinog Island – PhP 2,500/pax

·    Eco Tour @ Cogon EcoTourism Park & Sungkilaw Falls – PhP 2,500/pax

Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Reservation has to be done at least a week before scheduled tour.


City Tourism Office
Dipolog City
(065) 212 2485


“The Orchid City.” “Gateway to Western Mindanao.” These are two of the images the City of Dipolog is known by. By whatever name, Dipolog City stands for that quiet and scenic place in the South with the unique blend of the traditional and the contemporary; an idyllic site with a captivating old hometown atmosphere polished with the latest amenities and other comforts of modern living.

Dipolog City, a City of magnetic beauty located in the North Western part of Mindanao Island and rests strategically on the Northern tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula. It has a total land area of 13,628 hectares consisting mostly of gently rolling hills with majestic mountains dotting its eastern border, and lush green valleys lining its Western coastline graciously offering a spectacular view of golden sunset by the Sulu Sea.

Blessed with a mild and moderate climate, Dipolog City has a little over a hundred thousand warm and friendly people, a great majority of which are descendants of migrants from the Visayas. A number of Muslim traders also reside in the City, along with the native Subanen who are known for their significant contribution to the City's colorful history and rich cultural heritage. Also among these who have made Dipolog their home are foreigners usually of Chinese, American and Indian origins.

Largely considered as an agricultural community, Dipolog City offers a wide array of agricultural products, and is especially proud of the variety of fresh and delectable fruits in its harvest. The surrounding seas of Dipolog City also provide fertile ground for fishing, giving birth to several cottage industries – foremost of which is the widely acclaimed Bottled Sardines of Dipolog City.

Today, Dipolog City bustles with life as it emerges as one of the major trading hubs in Northwestern Mindanao. New buildings and other facilities have spring up providing people with modern conveniences and creating new and better opportunities for both business and pleasure.

Dipolog City of today - a place that continues to exude an atmosphere of primeval charm amidst a growing presence of modern-day sophistication; a land where peace-loving and genial people proudly celebrate their rich culture and colorful history; a City whose rich natural wonders beckon everyone to its beautiful shores.

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Welcome to the City of Dipolog: The Orchid City of the Philippines