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Dipolog City Institute of Technology
“Onward to a Brighter Future and Beyond”
By: Ligaya B. Tomong 

The Dipolog City Institute of Technology (DCIT) is recognized as the first and the sole maritime institution in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte.

It caters to the desire of today’s generation to work here and abroad and travel around the world for free as seafarers.

DCIT is a sister school of General Santos City Institute in General Santos City, Southern Philippine Institute of Technology in Tacurong, North Cotabato Institute of Technology and Zamboanga Institute Aviation of Technology, and Zamboanga Maritime Training Center in Zamboanga City.

It was founded in the City of Dipolog on September 27,  1986, through the united hands of the 15 members of the Board of Trustees chaired by Bert Cabaroy with the help of  the present president of the DCIT, Florentino Diana. Registered as Non-Stock Corporation based on Education Act of 1982, now known as Batas Pambansa Bilang 232 with SEC Registration No. DS-00929.

DCIT Minaog Campus

The school was first built in the city at Barangay Miputak along Quezon Avenue and transferred to its present location in Barangay Minaog to accommodate the increasing number of enrollees.

Its downtown campus is located at Rizal Street, Santa Cruz of Central Barangay which was established  exclusively for the students taking up computer courses. However, the administration is planning to transfer some of their courses at the ANNEX for the accessibility purposes for the people especially to the students. Through this, transportation expenses of their students will lessen which is DCIT’s way of offering better service to the people.

Being the first  maritime school in the city, it offers maritime courses such as Bachelor of Science in Maritime Transportation, BS in Maritime Engineering and Seafarers Rating Course.

It also offers several courses for the students who have different inclination in life and these include BS in Custom Administration Bachelor in Elementary Education, BS in Computer Science, BS in Hotel and Restaurant  Management, Associate in Computer Science, Computer Technician, Associate in Hotel and Restaurant Management, 2-year  Nursing Aide, 1-year Nursing Aide and Midwifery.

They are proud to inform that they help their alumnae to get a job particularly, their maritime graduates by facilitating them through their Placement Assistance Program and shipping linkages here and abroad with the help of Master Mariner Alexander Bao, Harbor Pilot in Davao City who is also one of the members of the Board. As estimated, they already have 50 to 60 graduates working abroad.

And to give way for the working and out-of school individuals who long wonder to finish their high school education, the school offers Special Secondary Program or what they call  “Sunday High School” with a staggering registration and miscellaneous  fee of P641.35, the module they charge for only P500 and their monthly charge is P250. Giving chance for those who want to attain more or for those who want to achieve what they haven’t realized before and so, they have 92 proud enrollees this year.

Aside from that, DCIT also has its Technical High School that has complete Secondary Programs from first year up to fourth year during regular school days. Compared to academic high school, the students are trained in skilled works which enables them to find a job after they graduate. The said program has a registration and miscellaneous fee of P665.95 and P350 monthly charge. 

Downtown Campus

In an interview with the Marketing Assistant of DCIT in the person of Sieg Fredo G. Renacia,  he stated that DCIT serves almost 500 students a year.

Recently, the school received a commendation coming from the region for having been awarded as the Regional Champion on Skills Competition, particularly, in Electronics Competition held in Zamboanga City on November 11 which was participated by Gil Ca-ay, one of its high school students.

Being the regional champion, the school represented the whole Region 9 in the National Competition which was  held in Iloilo City on December 16 and was able to get the top 10 from among the 16 contestants coming from the different regions.

The school is proud to have acquired a “Simulator”, a computer that has a particular program which can assist and facilitate the students in their maritime course.

Training for SOLAS will be in Zamboanga Maritime Training Center, also a sister school of DCIT, having Florentino Diana as their School’s Vice President.

DCIT is regulated by the International Maritime Organization and is very proud to have been included in the “White List”, which maritime institutions all over the world  aspire for.

Certified by the International Standard Organizations (ISO) and in Anglo Japanese-American Registrar (AJAR) which assures students for an excellent education and give surety to work in international vessels upon graduation.

After 15 years of service, DCIT  has produced about 5,000 graduates who are now employed in different parts of the world.

The school dreams for the realization of a radio station in their campus and hope to come to its full implementation next year. They also plan to develop their downtown campus, upgrade their facilities and equipments and faculty development.




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