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Andres Bonifacio College
The Pioneer Builder of Leaders’
Ligaya B. Tomong

Something big and exciting is happening to Andres Bonifacio College.  Known for its  slogan “The Pioneer Builder of Leaders”, it  has proven it’s worth over 63 years of existence since the school was founded and has produced more than 22,000 young professionals.

Founded in 1940, the dream of Amando Borja Amatong, the founder of the college, to develop a learning institution has now come into reality.  In fact, the Andres Bonifacio Institute has now grown into a full college, Andres Bonifacio College.

The Noble Founder of Andres Bonifacio College – Amando Borja Amatong “The Director” was a picture of a poor man with nationalistic ideas, perseverance, patience, courage and industry.

Amando, called by his friends, “The Director”, because of his determination and desire to provide light to his fellow men to release them from the bondage of  ignorance and lead them to the path of life, was born on February 6, 1892 to a couple Roman Amatong and Leona Borja in Dalaguet, Cebu.  He finished his Bachelor of Commerce at Jose Rizal College, Manila and then got married to Felicidad Sybico.

He was a picture of a poor man with nationalistic ideas, perseverance, patience, courage and industry. For this cause, the school was named after the well-remembered hero, Andres  Bonifacio in honor of their similarity in character.

His death on April 21, 1943 was never a hindrance in fulfilling his desire with the help of his successors,  ABC was then ran by his heirs.

The Amatong Brothers, as they were called by people exerted their extraordinary endeavor to continue to boost the vision of their father: Intelligence, Integrity and Industry are the guiding principles in the  supervision of the college administration.

The first president of the college was the late Silverio B. Amatong, a cousin of Amando, followed by his sons: Atty. Ernesto, a former Congressman,  then  Leodegario and the present president  Sancho.

Silverio B. Amatong - First president of the college was the late Silverio Amatong, a cousin of Amando Borja Amatong

His son Prospero did not spend much time in overseeing the college, instead, he excelled in his political career in Compostela Province. Jacobo, became an Administrative Officer before he died, Joel, the Vocational Technical Institute Director and Administrative Head of the Comptroller, Isagani, the present Governor of the province and Dulce, the only daughter is the present Treasurer.

It was no surprise that after several years, the small vocational school in the City of Dipolog has turned into a full-grown college and is one of the largest and respected colleges in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte.

ABC is equipped with the state-of-the-art facilities, modern equipments and technologies that meet the expectations of the learners for modern education.  The college has continued to attract  students from all over the province and neighboring localities through its competitiveness  as far as good and quality education is concerned with the help of its 120 competent and capable  mentors.

Students of the young ABC years. After several years, who could possibly imagine that a small vocational school in the City of Dipolog can turn into a full-grown college and become one of the largest and respected colleges in the Province of Zamboanga del Norte.

Recently, Criminology Department of ABC has acquired one (1) unit Radical Forensic Comparison Microscope, which is the latest advancement in the field of Comparative Micro-Study in Forensic Science, Metallurgy, Mineralogy, Geology, Crystallography and Chemical Microscopy. The department also obtained a photo enlarger and finger print kit, lie detector machine and modern cameras now placed at the Crime Laboratory.

The administration plans to gain additional equipments and technologies which will serve and provide the students with excellent education.

They also aspire to construct a hospital, dormitory, swimming pool and other attractions aside from the fully constructed Science and Technology building and scenic fountain set at the entrance of the school campus.

The newly constructed Science and Technology Building

ABC is situated in a 25 hectare sprawling campus along Barangay Miputak with several buildings surrounding its picturesque views of the College Park. It serves 3,000 enrollees a year  with 55 degrees and diploma programs which comprise Graduate Courses such as Master of Arts (M.A.-Majors in English and Literature; Filipino; Social Studies, Elementary Education; Computer Science; Chemistry; Biology; Physics; Developmental Communication; Mathematics Teaching; Language Education; General Science Education and Criminology), Master of Arts in Educational Management, Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Administration.

ABC also offers Bachelor of Laws while Undergraduate Courses include BS in Nursing, Bachelor of Arts Majors in English, and Literature; Political Science; Social Science; P.E. and Mass Communication;); BS in General Science, Mathematics; BS in Computer Science; BS in Accountancy; BS in Commerce Majors in Management, Entrepreneurship; Management Accounting; BS in Criminology,  Civil Engineering,  Geodetic Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering,  3rd year BS in Computer Engineering, 3rd year BS in Electronics and  Communications Engineering, Bachelor of Agricultural Technology, Bachelor of Elementary Education Majors in English; Filipino; Mathematics; Science and Health Education; Social Studies; MAPE; Home Economics and Technology, Bachelor of Secondary Education Majors in English, Filipino; Mathematics; Science and Health Education; Social Studies; PEHM; Home Economics and Technology.

The school also offers Vocational-Technical Courses such as 2-year Certificate of Technology with trade areas of specialization in Electrical; Electronic; Automotive; Mechanical (Machine Shop); Welding and Fabrication Technology, 2-year Diploma in Agricultural Technology, 2-year General Secretarial Course, 2-year Diploma in Home Arts Technology, 2-year Junior Secretarial Course, 2-year Office Management(Computerized), 1-year General Clerical Course, 1-year Pre-Licensing for Security Personnel, 1-year Practical Electricity and 1-year Automotive Mechanics.

It has National Service Training Program (NSTP) and Secondary, Elementary and Kindergarten.

Several Courses Applied for Permit are also offered like the 6-month Care Giver Course, 1st  year Two Year Midwifery Course, 1st year  Two-year Hotel and Restaurant Management, 1st year BS in Marine Engineering, 1st year Two-year Computer Technician and 2nd year BS Office Administration.

Sixty three years after, Andres Bonifacio College is what it is now – a true pioneer builder of leaders. See for yourself to believe it.

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